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not cringe, just free

hihi, lulun at your service! welcome to my website!! i had literally so much ffxiv oc lore that carrd didn't want to load for me anymore so i'm making my own site to host it but i also like to talk about myself so it's getting out of hand!!!!!!!!!!!

this website is optimized for 1920 x 1080 screens and currently isn't mobile responsive or totally accessible! it's still a work in progress so there are many dead end pages!

lulun's mini-diary


we finally cleared p9s last night! the only part i dont fully get yet is probably the bait in lc2, just because ive only done it... once... my parse was really bad for the clear ;owo;)
  • 08/13/23: magicked card mount obtained!
  • 08/04/23: p9s cleared!
  • 07/28/23: !!!dawntrail announced!!!!
  • 07/27/23: 10 more big fish to go and website begins construction!
  • 02/20/22: all jobs at 90!
  • 12/03/21: endwalker early access begins!
  • 10/09/21: e12s cleared!
  • to do
  • make sidebar pages (6/8)
  • add kofi/comm info
  • goals
  • get all the big fish!!! (10 remaining!)
  • clear p9s before 7.0 LMAO
  • pc box 1